Yahoo Mail: Advantages and Usefulness

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Yahoo Mail has revolutionized email services since the day it was started. With unique services that cater to over a million users around the globe, Yahoo Mail has been and will be the best assistance ever provided to internet consumers for a long time. Its unique features including the option of sending a mail to more than five contacts at a time, un-sending an email, deleting the whole inbox in just a single click, allowance to send more than 25 MB data in an email make it the trend mail these days. One can even track if the account has been hacked and utilize precautionary measures to safeguard the same from future miscreants by contacting the Yahoo team.

1. Yahoo mail is designed in an advanced version for the ease of the users. Up to 25MB of files can be attached to the email and up to 100MB via the built in “attach large file” app.

2. Yahoo Mail comes with spam and virus protection and 100 filters for sorting incoming messages. In case of inactivity of the users, the account gets expired after 6 months and additional 2 months for each year the account held active.

Getting Yahoo Mail Notification on Phone

The recent innovation of getting Yahoo mail notifications on your phone if you sync it with the server has made this service even more famous. One can store nearly 1 GB data on his/her mail account. This feature helps users utilize the space to keep safe their documents, pictures, videos and many more items. One can also use the spam folder to scrutinize what messages to receive and what to block. This is yet another advantage of using Yahoo mail.