AOL Mail A Lot More Than Just A Mail Service

AOL mail is also known as AIM mail which stands for AOL Instant Messenger working as AOL Mail’s instant messaging service. AOL Mail itself has gone through a great deal of development in America’s online history. It was originally developed to provide email services but only to its paid customers and only through its all-in-one package software. But then in 2005, AOL Mail made developments and offered free web services to everyone without any charges and now it functions as an independent web-based email which works with every standard browser like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc. Though Google and Yahoo had set up a great monopoly in web services but AOL Mail still managed in establishing itself. In the summer of 2012, it was updated to its new and modern look which included many features like:

·         unlimited email storage capacity
·         25 MB email attachment limit
·         90 days expiry on account inactivity
·         spam protection, virus protection
·         spell checking
·         supported protocols
·         link to other email accounts functioning on other web-based emails
·         quick bar from where texts and messages can be sent up to five people at one go
·         search features to load information from the searched emails and
·         AIM bar showing all online friends.

Thus, AOL mail has a lot to offer, and it is definitely growing at a faster speed to compete with other email portals. Sign in to AOL to learn more. AOL mail login is fast and easy.