Unknown Features of AOL Mail

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Email based companies and new firms are trying to compete with the already established industries in the market. But the existing companies always up their antics by various services these provide to the consumers.

AOL mail is one such service. The consumers need services for fast and easy mail checks. Security should not be compromised. And that’s what AOL mail is good at. It’s filled with various features that other mailing companies fail to provide.

For example,it provides spam and virus protection to its users by scanning the emails the email account holder receives. With its spam and virus sorting security panels, it easily identifies the mail and sends it to the virus and spam category to keep you safe.

Other features provided by AOL Mail are:

1.    The email storage capacity is unlimited so that you can store every relevant email you have.
2.    Attachment limit is 25MB, which gives the consumer the option to attach large files to send to others.
3.    Spelling check is done on each and every email you compose. So, if by mistake, you type a word with wrong spellings, it will highlight the error.

So, what are you waiting for? Login to AOL Mail to get the best of the best.

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